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  • fights.club C++, C#, Reverse Engineering

    Monetized Dota 2 games.
    I made C++ module for reading and sending game statistics to remote server from dedicated game servers, made C# microservice for automanaging Steam lobby based games

    den0bot C# .NET Core 3.0

    Modular telegram bot with a lot of different functions mainly focused on osu!
    Solo work.

    Web Performance Calculator ASP.NET Core 3.0

    Website + API for calculating osu! performance points using osu-tools
    Solo work.

    Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth C++, Source Engine

    First person shooter set in the Half-Life universe, which allows you to witness the events between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.
    I'm doing gameplay and UI programming

    HL2 -> ASW engine port C++, Source Engine

    Port of Half-Life 2 game logic onto newer version of Source Engine taken from Alien Swarm SDK.
    Solo work.

    Winter Mod C++, Source Engine

    Unfinished Half-Life 2 modification.
    Apart from managing the team I did level design and mapping, all of the programming and a bit of texture work.

    Winteric Textures Source Engine

    Retexturing Half-Life 2: Episode Two to make it look snowy.
    Solo work.

    Katawa Shoujo Prealpha Repair Python, Ren'Py

    Finishing leaked pre-alpha Katawa Shoujo visual novel scripts.
    I did programming, directing and minor sprite work.

    http://kikoe.ru/ HTML5, CSS3

    A joke website made for a local telegram chat.
    I did players page as well as hosting the website.

    http://stanr.info/ HTML5, CSS3

    This exact website! I did a lot of experimenting with screen size depending font sizes to make site usable at all resolutions without using different layouts. It's also self-hosted